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Thanks again for visiting my page!!  This page will help you get started.  The overall intent of this page is to give you the information you need to properly prepare for the Mechanical Engineering Professional Engineer (PE) Exam.  It will give tips on how to manage your preparation time to get the most benefit.  These tips and suggestions are based on the methods I used to pass the exam on the first attempt.  This page is NOT an official National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) page.

Information on Test Format

Before you do anything you need to completely understand the test format.  Visit my page about the Mechanical PE exam format that discusses the format and provides links to additional information to help you get started.

Study Guides

The PE exam covers a lot of information.  Check out my FREE Study Guide to get my help on how to prepare!

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You will Need Books!

Because the Mechanical PE exam is an open-book test you will need books.  I have reviewed a lot of books, and I want to give you my personal recommendations of the best books to use for the PE exam.  Visit my page about reference books to get started.  You can also find my recommendations on which Mechanical PE practice exam books to get.

Get an Approved Calculator… actually get two!!

You will definitely need a calculator for the PE exam.  Most engineers have a specific calculator that they cannot live without.  However, it is very important that you get a NCEES approved calculator for the exam!  I have a list of calculator models acceptable for use on the 2015 exam below, but please visit the NCEES calculator policy page to get the current list of approved calculators!!  Get the approved calculator BEFORE you start preparing and use the calculator during your preparations!!  You want to be very comfortable using the calculator during the exam.  The choice of which calculator to use is yours (I personally used the HP 35s because I prefer HP calculators), so pick the brand that you prefer.  Also, it is a good idea to have two calculators in case one fails during the exam… and have extra batteries.  You will not be allowed to use any non-approved calculators during the exam.  You will not be able to use your cell phone (you cannot even have it in the room), so don’t plan on using the calculator on your phone.


All fx-115 models are acceptable, so any Casio calculator must contain fx-115 in its model name. Examples of acceptable Casio fx-115 models include (but are not limited to):

fx-115 MS Plus

fx-115 ES

fx-115 ES Plus

Hewlett Packard

The only two models allowed on the PE exam are listed below.

HP 33s

HP 35s

Texas Instruments

All TI-30X and TI-36X models are allowed, so any Texas Instruments calculator must contain either TI-30X or TI-36X in its model name.  Examples of acceptable TI-30X and TI-36X models include (but are not limited to):

TI-30XS Multiview




TI-36X Pro