PE Exam – Tips for the week of the exam

What should I do the day before the exam?

What should I do the day before the exam

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.”

~ William S. Burroughs

The day before the PE exam you will likely be in panic mode!  This is a huge test and there can be a lot of pressure to pass.  The big debate that is probably going on in your mind the day before the test… What should I do the day before the exam? … should I study or rest?  You can probably deduce my answer simply by observing the picture posted along with this blog.

I can remember, from my time as a college professor, walking into a classroom to give an exam.  I would look around the classroom and quickly observe the students.  Some were sitting calmly at their desk, with pencil and calculator ready, waiting on the test.  Others were franticly looking through the textbook and class notes to cram that last bit of information into their brain.  Based on that observation alone I know that different people answer the question of “What should I do the day before the test?” very differently.

My advice for the day before (maybe even longer) is to rest, though I know that may be easier said than done.  You have worked hard to get to this point.  If you planned correctly you had plenty of time to study.  Cramming information on the last day will not help, in my opinion.  I would recommend spending time relaxing with friends and family.  Go have a nice meal.  Clear your mind and relax.  You’re not going to suddenly forget all the information you spent months studying.  If you need to travel to take the exam, which is common, go the night before.  Don’t drive very far the day of!!  Spend the night relaxing in the hotel room.  Order room service and watch TV.  You deserve to be pampered a little!

If you absolutely must study the day before don’t overdo it!  I would suggest spending the time quickly reviewing and organizing rather than true studying.  If you start doing too much studying you will likely just get more stressed about the exam.  The exam is tough enough… don’t make it harder by having high stress levels.

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