Below is a list of the FAQ about the Mechanical PE exam with my best responses.  If you have questions not listed below feel free to contact me.

What level of math is needed for the Mechanical PE exam?

First off, there will not be pure math questions on the PE exam (unlike the FE exam).  However, you will need to know some math.  Typically the problem only require math content from trigonometry, algebra, and general geometry.  Have a strong understanding of those and you should be fine.  There is a good Schaum’s Outline book that covers common math formulas and tables, and it has more than enough for the PE exam.

 Can I take other reference material not in books?

Yes, but you must follow their rules!  You CANNOT take loose paper to the exam!!  Put everything in three-ring binders and you will be fine.  I recommend finding good information online, printing it off, and putting it in binders.  Information like material properties, unit conversions, Psychrometric charts (multiple copies so you can draw on them), section properties, etc. can all be printed and placed in binders.  In some cases you may be able to eliminate a book (or several books) if you get what you need in a binder.  Again, it is all about being able to find information quickly.  Spend some time planning your reference material, especially binders, to be as efficient as possible.