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Mechanical PE Exam Study Guide

PE exam study guide

Mechanical PE Exam Study Guide

I wanted to provide some information about the Mechanical PE exam study guide.  It is a great tool to help you prepare for the PE exam.  I put a lot of work into making this the best PE exam study guide available.  Keep reading to learn how you can get a FREE copy!

What is the PE exam Study Guide?

This study guide is designed to give you step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to prepare for the Mechanical Systems and Materials PE exam.  Throughout the guide I give my personnel tips and suggestions of things you can do to better prepare for the exam.  I discuss thoughts on how to be best organized for the exam.  I discuss test format, recommended reference materials, review courses, and more.  I even help you prioritize your study time to get best prepared for the exam.

Probably the hardest thing about preparing for the PE exam is determining where to start.  With the study guide you complete one chapter every week as you complete the study guide; I even have weekly homework suggestions to help you learn more.  I tell you step-by-step what you need to do to prepare.

I discuss important engineering concepts, and I explain the solution thought process to solve many types of engineering topics.  I give you ways to read a problem and strategically determine the solution method to use.

Want to Get a FREE Copy of the Study Guide?

I want to make this PE exam study guide available to everyone.  Many sites have study guides, but they can be expensive.  Go here to learn how you can get your copy absolutely FREE!

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  1. James,
    I just obtained my license in October. I took a course at Penn State and used five other key resources: MERM13, 6 minute sol’n’s Mechanical Systems and Materials, 6 minute sol’n’s Thermo, 6 minute sol’n’s HVAC, and the Lindberg practice exam. All in all, the combination of all 5 plus the course was essential; but, I had to add something: a longitudinal metric that I could consult throughout the process so that I could see if the studying was actually working. THIS is critical for any study guide and I found it absent from the guides as well as the coursework.
    Food for thought,

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