Mechanical PE Exam Study Guides

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Why do I Need to use Mechanical PE Exam Study Guides

For most people preparing to take the Mechanical PE Exam, the primary reference is the Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual (MERM). Although the MERM should be used when studying for the Mechanical PE exam, going through all 1400+ pages can be an overwhelming task. This is why I recommend using one of the Mechanical PE Exam study guides to supplement your studying!
The following guides will help you better gain an understanding of the material you need to know for your particular Mechanical Engineering PE Exam. Following the step-by-step plans presented in the PE exam study guides helps take the stress out of preparing for the PE exam.


How the Study Guides can help You Pass the PE Exam

  • Information on how to get started and how to sign up for the PE exam
  • Information on what to expect on exam day
  • Walks you through the entire process from start to finish
  • Covers information for both the AM and PM portions of the exam
  • Personal tips from me throughout the study guide to help you prepare for the PE exam
  • My thoughts on the best practice tests and how to use them
  • Reduce test day stress by feeling fully prepared
  • Plus lots more!

How do I get my study guide?

Well, it’s simple. I want to offer the Mechanical PE Exam Study Guides for FREE!  Let’s face it, you’re already paying a lot money to take the exam. Why should you spend more?
It’s very easy to get started. Just provide your email address and I will send a link to download the book onto your computer. It’s that simple!